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Compelling Content Continued: 5 More Tips for Great Blog Posts

Last week I went through 5 elements of great blog posts, based on an original blog post from a few years back that focused on what made a great article. This older post was itself based on reader responses to a survey on what they considered to be great content.

Well, guess what? There are 10 tips in all – I covered 5 last time, and will cover the rest here.

As a quick recap, here are the first 5 tips for great blog posts:

  1. Provide practical and useful information that improves the life of the reader.
  2. The post is long enough to provide the required information.
  3. The writing allows the reader to connect with the writer.
  4. Provide clear and explicit instructions on how the reader should apply the information provided.
  5. Your blog post’s title should be catchy and clearly identify a topic of interest for the type of reader you want to attract.

So let’s go through the rest of the tips. Incorporate as many as you can into each new blog post to make your content as compelling as possible!


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Creating Compelling Content: 5 Elements Of Great Blog Posts (From A Reader’s Perspective)

A few years back, I surveyed readers of a previous article marketing-focused blog for their thoughts on what made a great article.

Content strategy has since largely shifted to creating content for your own site – your blog – in the first instance, and only then repurposing it for publication elsewhere. I therefore thought it was a good time to revisit those responses, and update them where necessary for the current environment along with adapting them to reflect the creation of blog posts specifically. Interestingly many of the broader principles remain exactly the same.


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Is This Vital Part Missing From Your Sales Process?

I was watching a webinar earlier this week relating to something I was interested in. It had good content and offered what sounded like a great service I nearly invested in. However, there was something vital missing from their sales process.

Rather than a live webinar, it was recorded. No, this isn’t the issue, but it did reduce my trust to some extent. I had no prior relationship with the service provider, and for all I knew, it could have been recorded several months earlier and be completely out of date. I therefore wanted to make sure it was all still relevant and that the service was still running and offering the claimed benefits.

In other words, in the language of a very common sales objection that often underpins many other such objections, I didn’t want to feel foolish or stupid for spending money on something that wasn’t what I thought it would be.

So I did a bit of research. Fairly normal ‘potential customer’ practice, and one I’m sure you’re familiar with.

In the end, despite the fact I was a so-called ‘hot prospect’ and otherwise ready to buy, I decided not to proceed. In other words, they lost the sale.

Why? What was the vital part missing from their sales process that would have otherwise allowed me to continue down the slippery slide to the sale?


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How To Use Twitter Cards For More Sales And Traffic

By using Twitter Cards, Tweets linking back to your site no longer contain just text and an optional image or two.

They allow you to create a ‘rich media’ experience for readers. That means additional visual, audio and textual content, with the ability to play video and audio from directly within the timeline.

These enriched Tweets can help them stand out from the pack, build your authority and credibility, and encourage deeper engagement including click-throughs from followers.

In addition, you can use Twitter Cards to capture new leads from directly within the Twitter timeline, and encourage users to visit your website with a special call to action button. Plus, when you choose to promote Tweets that use such cards via Twitter Ads, you can reach whole new audiences.

Presuming you are using a blog to publish the majority of your content and drive the rest of your marketing – as recommended in the “Be Everywhere” Online Marketing Blueprint – implementing Twitter Cards for your business is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. This post shows you how.


How To Get More Blog Traffic: 101 Essential Tips

Maybe you’ve just started blogging and you’re wondering about the traffic part. Or perhaps you’ve been blogging for a while, and it’s all feeling a bit, well, empty.

You check your traffic stats – again – and feel a bit disheartened. Again. Should you continue? Or is this ‘blogging for traffic’ thing a bit mythical?

It’s easy […]

How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

Many businesses still treat Pinterest as a low-ranking cousin of social heavy-weights like Facebook and Twitter. But that mode of thinking is now outdated, and likely to mean such businesses miss out on all that Pinterest has to offer.

For example, did you know that, as the fastest growing social network in 2014, Pinterest is now estimated to have 250 million unique monthly visitors? That’s roughly the same as LinkedIn, and not far off Twitter with just over 300 million. Clearly not something to be sniffed at.

But it’s not just the size of their user base. It’s also about the characteristics of their users and how they behave that make Pinterest particularly relevant for business.

Firstly, Pinterest was found to drive more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.


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How To Post On LinkedIn Pulse (And Why Every Business Should!)

Need more eyeballs on your content? Posting content on LinkedIn Pulse could be the answer. In fact, as you’ll discover, it gives business owners so many advantages, it should be an integral part of your marketing activities.

This post shows you exactly how to post on LinkedIn Pulse, as well as how to extract the maximum benefit from doing so.


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Creating Social Media Images: How To Create Images For Social Media That Engage And Attract Traffic

Images are increasingly essential when posting to social media. Recent research shows that the use of images can increase interaction with a social post by more than 20 times.

Social media platforms are very visual places. Posts that contain text alone are likely to get drowned out by those using various types of imagery. They attract far more attention and are easier to consume. With social media users often scanning through hundreds of posts or tweets at a time, you literally have micro-seconds to attract someone’s attention. To do this, images are key.

However, once you’ve created an image, there’s no reason why it can’t be used across different social networks. For example, the same image you post to Facebook when posting about your new blog post, can be just as easily pinned to Pinterest, tweeted to Twitter, and so on.

Even better, why not just start with a Featured Image for your blog post? Then just use the same one when posting your blog post to social media.

This is the approach I always take, the one I highlight in my Be Everywhere Blueprint, and will be the approach I focus on here. Start with your blog. Repurpose, reuse, and adapt as necessary elsewhere.

So … how should you go about creating these social media images that engage and attract traffic?

There are a number of ways to approach it, and I’ll go through some of these options.


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Blog Content Ideas: 10 Easy Ways To Generate Laser-Focused Ideas For Blog Content

Content is of course one of your most important marketing assets. It works 24/7 to attract people to your business. But many business owners struggle to know what to create content about. Or they create content that fails to properly attract their target market.

This post aims to solve both those issues. Here are 10 top ways to come up with new ideas for content that are laser-focused for your target market. You should never be stuck for content ideas again!


7 Top Ways To Repurpose Every Blog Post You Create (To Explode Traffic And Attract More Prospects!)

If you’re already writing regular blog posts, you’ll be aware of how this builds up traffic to your website over time. But what if you could accelerate that process by simply repurposing each blog post into new content you can then publish all over the web in different formats?

In this post, I’ll show you 7 top ways to […]

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