How To Blog When You’re Not A Blogger (And Bring Big Benefits For Your Business)

By |December 18th, 2015|

A lot of small business owners shy away from blogging, despite all the benefits it brings.

Here are just some of the reasons – or excuses – provided:

  • “I don’t know what to create content about”
  • “I can’t write”
  • “It’s just not something I want to do”
  • “I don’t have time”
  • “My type of business is different”

Perhaps you can relate to one or more of those? Or maybe you have a different reason (let me know!)?

Either way, I wanted to show you how you can still blog as a business, and enjoy all the benefits of blogging and content creation in general, without needing to consider yourself as a blogger. In fact, you don’t even have to create any content yourself if you don’t want to.


Turning Traditional Guest Posting On Its Head (To Make It Easier And More Effective!)

By |November 26th, 2013|

We’ve recently launched our new Guest Post Plugin for WordPress blogs, attracting dozens of downloads within just hours of publication.

While you can find a full description along with installation instructions and other info on the plugin’s page within WordPress’s plugin directory, this post provides more of a visual tutorial on how to start taking advantage of it.

Firstly, a quick summary of what it does …

Normally with Guest Posting, you’ve got to find suitable blogs in your niche who might like to publish content from you, try to build positive relationships with those bloggers, and try to persuade the odd one or two to publish a post from you.

It works … but it can mean a big investment of time and effort in finding those opportunities.

Our Guest Post Plugin turns that on its head … instead of you seeking out those opportunities, they come to you. A blogger can arrive at your website, like what they read, and then see a link at the end of the post inviting them to request a free, 100% unique, professionally-written version of your blog post (created by our writers) that they can then publish on their own blog.

The blogger would publish the new post as a Guest Post on their own blog, and, as per usual Guest Posting practice, link back to your own site.

It’s virtually zero work for you (you just need to approve requests), and a very straightforward, streamlined process for them too in getting quality, unique content for their blog that they can use for free.

Click here for more information on exactly how it works (there’s no point repeating it all here) … now on with this tutorial …