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[Case Study] How I Increased My Signup Conversion Rate by 600% in Less Than 10 Days

Want to know if popups still work? This case study—in part, a review of the free optinopoli software—shows you how I took a website with some basic email signup CTAs, and boosted conversions by 600%, all in less than 10 days.

Seems like a high increase? It is.

Part of the reason for doing the case study was to prove how you can quickly and easily:

  • Take a website with basic lead capture
  • Dramatically and quickly improve results by adding something more dynamic and effective.


It’s tempting, when you look at a lot of marketing-related sites as I do, to believe that all sites have well optimized lead capture in place.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I’ve found through some of the consulting I do, a lot of business owners, through no fault of their own, struggle with lead capture. They aren’t sure what to do or how to approach it, and their business suffers because of it.

It means they often have only very basic lead capture in place. Sometimes none.

So, if that’s you, you’re certainly not alone.

This case study shows you what’s possible when you apply a simple but highly effective lead capture technique.

So if you’re frustrated by one or more of the following:

Then this one’s for you. Read on.


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5 Reasons You Need to Incorporate Video into Your Content Marketing Strategy

As frequent readers of this blog will be aware, successful content marketing involves publishing your content in front of your marketplace wherever they are—not where you want them to be.

It also means the format of your content needs to match what they want to consume—not what you want them to.

And that means video.

Video’s the most engaging type of content. With such high engagement, it’s not too surprising that most marketing professionals believe it has the highest ROI compared to other types of content.

Investment by businesses in video content is rising, and we should all be creating more. Facebook for example is likely to be ‘all video‘ by the early 2020s.

In this post, I’m sharing:

  • 5 reasons you must be incorporating video into your content marketing strategy
  • A summary of some of the best video tools available that make it easy to do so …


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How to Get Traffic to Your Brand New Blog

So you’re starting a blog for your business? Or perhaps have a fledgling one with a few posts, but not much to show for it yet?

Firstly, congratulations. You’ve made a big step in the right direction.

Approached in the right way, your blog can end up becoming one of your business’s biggest assets.

One day you can look back and feel pretty—dare I say it—smug.

You’ll have incoming traffic, highly targeted for your business, arriving on auto-pilot and providing a constant supply of leads and new customers for your business.

(Plus you’ll have ready content to use to keep in touch with existing customers, build your relationship with them, and keep them coming back for more…)

That’s the good news.



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Social Media Best Practices for Content Marketing

Social media is, of course, an essential part of any content marketing strategy.

But what’s the best way to use it in your content marketing to get the optimal results?

What exactly are the best practices you should be aiming to follow?

This post gives you five social media best practices to start using today, starting with a key question …


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LinkedIn Content Marketing: 5 Key Content Strategies for LinkedIn

If you’re in B2B, are you using LinkedIn to its full potential?

The good news is that LinkedIn can form a valuable part of your content marketing strategy.

There are some easy ways to use the platform to get more eyeballs on your content and build your brand, along with your influence, authority and of course traffic back to your site.

This post gives you 5 key content marketing strategies for LinkedIn that you can start using today.


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How to Create Infographics | Top Resources and How to Use Them

So you want to find out how to create infographics?

At first glance, they may look a little intimidating to the non-designer. But the good news is there are lots of tools available that make the process of creating great infographics easy, including professional templates you can simply adapt for your own purposes.

This comprehensive guide on how to create infographics gives you the following:

  • What is an infographic?
  • Why should you start using infographics?
  • Different types of infographic – if you thought an infographic was just a static image showing a chart or two, think again. Here’s a list of fourteen different types of infographic with examples of each one in action.
  • Top tools and resources to use for creating infographics yourself.


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5 Content Marketing Ideas for Quicker Content

Content marketing is frequently rated as one of the top digital marketing strategies available.

But that doesn’t mean it’s one of the easiest.

One of the biggest and most common challenges businesses have is the need to continually create new content.

After all, it can be an intensive process, involving your content strategy, content calendar, allocating appropriate resources to the actual content creation, post-publication promotion, and so on.

Nearly half of businesses find producing content consistently is their biggest challenge

So how can you make it easier, and create new content more quickly?

Here are 5 content marketing ideas that mean you can create content more easily and within a shorter time frame.


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23 Awesome Tools for Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing shows no signs of slowing down, and for good reason. Video just plain works.

Take the following few stats for starters:

  • Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%
  • Video on social media generates 1,200% more shares than images and text combined
  • Businesses using video grow 49% faster each year than those who don’t use video
  • Over half of marketing professionals worldwide state video has the best ROI compared to other content
  • On average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without.

Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to using video for content marketing. You don’t have to sit in front of the video camera live streaming on Facebook if that’s really not your thing.

Even better, there are just as many video tools out there that help you create amazing videos that look super smart, professional and highly engaging—and often take just a few minutes to create.

This post gives you the most rip-roaringly awesome tools out there.


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Content Marketing for Local Business: Key Strategies

Is content marketing the right approach if you’re a local business?

After all, social media and other content platforms are international. What if you’re trying to reach a purely local audience?

Of course, content marketing for local business can be very powerful. In fact, as I’ll show you, it’s all but essential.

But you do need to approach it in the right way.

Unfortunately, many local businesses create very little, if any, content of interest to the audience they want to attract. At most, they may simply blast out self-serving promotional messages through social media. This tends to alienate rather than attract their market.

A smaller number get it right. When they do, they can go on to achieve massive success (see examples below).

So how do you approach it correctly?

This post shares with you:

  • Why you need content marketing for local business
  • The advantages of being a local business for content marketing
  • 3 big examples of local businesses using content marketing for massive success
  • 5 key strategies when content marketing for local business


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Easy Content Calendar for Content Marketing: The How-To Guide, Plus Free Templates!

There are a couple things about a content calendar I believed before I actually created and started using my own.

Firstly, I thought it sounded really complicated. Secondly, it sounded overly ‘corporate’. Weren’t content calendars just for large brands?

Both assumptions I found to be untrue.

In addition, I was unsure if one was really necessary.

How would it really benefit my business? Was it worth the effort to create one?

However, as I’ll show you, I not only found creating a content calendar far easier than I thought, but it also has big benefits for content creation and marketing as a whole.

This post gives you the following:

  • What a content calendar actually is (and is not).
  • 12 top benefits of using a content calendar for your business. I can practically guarantee this includes some benefits you won’t have thought of.
  • The easiest way to create and start using a basic content calendar, from today. Want to get more advanced? Sure, I also give you another couple steps for that too. You’ll find it’s far easier and less intimidating than you may have anticipated.
  • Templates you can use today: download two templates, a more basic Word template to get you started immediately; and a more advanced Excel template for later on
  • How to keep your content calendar maintained over time and in focus. There’s no point creating one, only to let it languish, unloved.


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