[Case Study] How I Increased My Signup Conversion Rate by 600% in Less Than 10 Days

By |July 30th, 2018|

Want to know if popups still work? This case study—in part, a review of the free optinopoli software—shows you how I took a website with some basic email signup CTAs, and boosted conversions by 600%, all in less than 10 days.

Seems like a high increase? It is.

Part of the reason for doing the case study was to prove how you can quickly and easily:

  • Take a website with basic lead capture
  • Dramatically and quickly improve results by adding something more dynamic and effective.


It’s tempting, when you look at a lot of marketing-related sites as I do, to believe that all sites have well optimized lead capture in place.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I’ve found through some of the consulting I do, a lot of business owners, through no fault of their own, struggle with lead capture. They aren’t sure what to do or how to approach it, and their business suffers because of it.

It means they often have only very basic lead capture in place. Sometimes none.

So, if that’s you, you’re certainly not alone.

This case study shows you what’s possible when you apply a simple but highly effective lead capture technique.

So if you’re frustrated by one or more of the following:

Then this one’s for you. Read on.


How to Really Monetize a Blog (Easy 1-2-3 Blog Monetization Strategy)

By |July 30th, 2016|

I get it.

You’ve heard about blogging and decided to have a go yourself. All you have to do is post regularly, wait for some traffic, stick some ads on it along with the odd affiliate link, and then the money starts rolling in.


Sort of. It could work. Well, at least to some extent.

Let’s just say while you’ll probably earn something (eventually), the money won’t exactly be rolling in.

The truth is, this model only achieves a fraction of what your blog could earn if it was monetized more effectively.

Worse, with changes in the way we all access the web, any income you might achieve when using this model is only going down. (More on this below…)

But… if you want to know how to monetize a blog the right way, and maximize your earnings from it (rather than bring in just pocket change along with an unhealthy dose of disillusionment), read on.


10 Sure-Fire Ways to Convert Blog Visitors into Opt-In Leads

By |July 22nd, 2016|

I won’t beat around the bush. One of the essential keys for blogging effectively and profitably is to be able to convert the traffic your blog attracts into opt-in leads.

Get this wrong, and you’ll struggle to make blogging work.

But by converting as many visitors as possible into opt-in leads, you can:

  • Build trust and credibility through more content and continual follow-up.
  • Encourage them back to your site repeatedly, further building the relationship.
  • Convert them over time into customers for your business (presuming you’re monetizing your blog properly).

Look at your blog and make sure there are conversion points that will in essence turn every post into a landing page.

The good news is there are lots of different approaches you can use to capture the email address of your visitors and convert them into opt-in subscribers. They’re relatively easy to implement too, thanks to the various powerful plugins available.

The trick is to find the right mix for your blog that maximizes your opt-in conversion rate.

This post runs through the top ten most effective opt-in approaches for blogs, and shows you how to put them into action today.


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Build Your List With Content Upgrades: On Your Blog… And Beyond!

By |February 29th, 2016|

Want a more powerful way to convert visitors to your blog into leads for your business? How about a 300% to 785% improvement in conversion rates?

Welcome to the world of content upgrades…

In brief, it means offering more value to the visitor  – say in the form of a relevant download – in exchange for their email address.

But content upgrades aren’t just for your blog…

Content upgrades also work when integrated into content published on other platforms across the web.

In fact, thanks to the often higher engagement levels you get on these other content platforms, this can be even more effective. Yet few if any are really doing this right now…

I’ll share more on this below!