Managing Multiple Social ProfilesThrough vWriter’s Social Streams

vWriter’s Social Streams facility enables you to manage the content from multiple social profiles all from within your vWriter account.

You are able to:

  • View all the social updates for each profile.
  • Cross-post between profiles, including through simple drag and drop actions.
  • Interact with profiles, including liking, commenting, replying and retweeting (with advanced capabilities) via any relevant connected profile.

Note that not all social networks support the ability to stream updates through third-party software. Profiles supported by Social Streams include Facebook Pages, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter and Tumblr.

Adding a Social Stream

Social Streams are managed on a Project level. In other words, each Project can have a number of separate social profiles that you manage through the Social Streams facility.

Before you can add a Social Streams, you therefore must have at least one Project saved to your account.

Add a new Social Stream by clicking the ‘+’ button next to Streams on the sidebar menu.

Add a new Social Stream by clicking '+' on the sidebar

You can also:

Add a new Social Stream by clicking '+' on the Social Streams page

  • Click Content > Social Profiles > Add Social Stream on the menu.

Add a Social Stream via Content > Social Profiles > Add Social Stream

On the Add Social Stream page, select the Project, and the Profile you want to add.

Add Social Stream - select the Project and Profile you want to add

The Project is pre-selected to the currently selected Project in the menu bar. You can also create a new Project via the Add project… link.

The Profile drop-down displays Profiles that have not yet been added to the Social Streams Manager for the selected Project. If a social profile is selected for a network that isn’t supported by Social Streams (see above), an appropriate message is shown.

After selecting the appropriate Project and Profile, click Submit.

You will be forwarded to the Social Streams Manager with the Social Stream added.

You will see the Social Stream loaded onto the Social Streams page

Repeat for any further profiles you want to add to the page.

Managing Social Streams

Social Stream Manager

Access the Social Streams Manager via the sidebar menu.

Click Streams on the sidebar to access the Social Streams Manager

Alternatively, you can also access the page via the top menu.

Click Content > Social Profiles > Social Streams on the top menu

Tabs on the page allow you to seamlessly switch between different the Social Streams you’ve added.

Switch between profiles instantly via tabs

Use the Project drop-down in the top menu bar to switch between Social Streams for different projects.

Use the Project drop-down to switch between Social Streams

Social Streams are organized on a project level – switch between Social Streams for different projects via the Project drop-down in the top menu bar.

Social Stream Order

The Social Streams shown on the page can be reordered as desired by simply dragging the tab into a new position.

Drag a tab to a new position

Drag tabs to reorder them on the page.

The first tab will automatically load the profile’s feed when the page is first loaded.

Viewing Social Stream Content

Each Social Stream allows you to scroll through the content that has been posted to that profile, and interact with it in multiple ways as indicated below.

The most recent content is shown at the top. Scrolling down auto-loads further items, similar to using networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Refreshing a Social Stream

The currently active Social Stream will automatically refresh if you switch back to the page, and it’s been more than 5 minutes since the last refresh. The same happens when you switch between different Social Streams.

The Social Stream refreshes the feed automatically on switching back to the page, if it's been more than 5 minutes since the last refresh

You can also refresh the feed at any time by clicking the refresh button provided:

Click the Refresh Social Stream button to refresh the feed

Deleting a Social Stream

Social Stream can be removed from the Social Stream Manager by clicking the trash can button provided.

Delete a Social Stream by clicking the trash can button provided

It can of course be re-added at any time by following the instructions above.

Feed Item Actions

Viewing Publication Time

For each feed item in the Social Stream the time of publication is shown towards the right, correct for your own local time zone.

If an item has been published today, the number of hours (or minutes, if under an hour) since publication is shown.

The time of publication is shown towards the right

Otherwise, the date is shown.

For posts older than today, the date of publication is shown

Hover over the publication time for the exact time and date of publication, again adjusted for your own time zone.

The full date and time of publication is shown when you hover over the time with your mouse

Where supported (see below), click the publication time to open the original post (on the social network in question) in a new browser window.


For some social networks, you can permanently delete a post from directly within vWriter.

Delete a post by clicking the trash can button provided

This is currently supported by Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.


There are a couple of different ways to cross-post between different social profiles. This includes setting up a retweet when cross-posting between Twitter profiles, with some advanced capabilities.

Drag and Drop

You can cross-post a feed item by either:

  • Dragging a feed item, and dropping it on a profile on the sidebar:
Drag the feed item and drop onto a relevant profile

Cross-post content from a Social Stream by dragging a feed item and dropping onto a profile…

  • Dragging a profile from the sidebar and dropping it on a feed item:
You can also drag a profile from the sidebar and drop onto a feed item

…or do it the other way around. Drag a profile and drop onto a feed item.

Either method will set up a post, including any images, that can be edited as required, other profiles added as required, and scheduled for publication.

The resultant post can be edited and scheduled as required.

The same methods can be used when sharing content items from Content Sources.

It works slightly differently when:

  • Dragging a feed item (i.e. a Tweet) from a Twitter Social Stream and dropping on a Twitter profile; or
  • Dragging a Twitter profile and dropping on a feed item/Tweet within a Twitter Social Stream.

In both cases, a retweet is set up

Share Button

To the right of each feed item is a share button. Clicking the share button will set up a post similar to that shown above, but with no preset profiles.

You can also click the Share button to post the content to other profiles

Viewing Original

Can also click the time for supported profiles

Social Update Interaction

For certain social networks, you can also interact with the social updates via the same or other relevant profiles, as follows.

Please note that where selecting another profile to perform the interaction, as described below, only the following profiles are shown:

  • Profiles able to perform the interaction. For example, a Facebook profile is unable to retweet for obvious reasons.
  • Profiles visible to the current Project (learn how to set the Project visibility for a social profile).



Choose the profile you want to add a Like from:

Select the Facebook profile you want to Like from


Similarly, select the profile you want to use when adding a comment:

Add comments from multiple Facebook profiles

You can also reply to and Like existing comments in a similar way.



Reply to Tweets, selecting the profile you want to send a reply from.

Reply to Tweets, selecting the profile you want to send it from


Schedule retweets across multiple profiles.

Schedule retweets from different profiles


Similarly, Like Tweets, selecting one or more profiles you want to Like it from.

Like Tweets, selecting the profile you want to Like it from