As a follow-on from my previous post a few weeks ago about growing your Content Tree™, I wanted to share more ways in which you can gain further visibility for your business from a single original piece of content.

In the previous post I shared eleven ways in which you can leverage a piece of content, preferably a blog post on your own site. In this follow-on post, discover five more ways you can start adding to your content marketing plan right now.

See Branches 1 – 11

Branch 12 – Infographics

First, a quick definition:

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

And how better to explain it further and illustrate it than via an infographic!

(See how infographics you create can find themselves on other sites around the web, spreading your message, increasing your visibility and presence, and building up your links in a natural, Google-friendly way?)

Don’t worry if you don’t have the necessary design skills – there are tools out there that can help you create infographics more easily such as,, and Piktochart. Alternatively, go somewhere like and hire someone to take care of it for you.

And once you have an infographic, then what? Here are some ways to use it to gain visibility for your business:

  • Publish it on your own blog:
    • Add it to the original blog post (on which you’ve based the infographic) in order to add further interest to future readers of the post, or …
    • Create a brand new blog post with the infographic and link back to the original post so the visitor can get more depth info if they want it
  • Share it via your social media channels – tweet it, add it to Facebook, pin it with Pinterest, publish on LinkedIn, etc.
  • Submit to infographic websites

Branch 13 – Webinars

In the previous post on growing your Content Tree™ I talked about creating videos and presentations from your blog post. A natural extension of this is to create a webinar, and webinars can last anything from twenty minutes or so, generally up to an hour.

Webinars help to boost your relationship with your list, they can be run in evergreen format (i.e. ‘as live’, but actually pre-recorded), have excellent sales conversion potential … and overall they increase your levels of authority, credibility, online presence and visibility.

I know some online marketers who run weekly or even bi-weekly webinars for just this reason.

And as your authority and credibility increases, they can lead to some powerful business growth opportunites such as joint ventures and speaking opportunities.

You might not think you could create a whole webinar out of a single blog post, but would likely be surprised as to the actual potential – by the time you’ve added some introductory slides, some sales messages, and questions and answers towards the end, it can be more substantial than you might initially believe.

Branch 14 – Micro-Videos

Vine permits videos up to 6 seconds long …

As well as creating normal length videos (Branch 5), a natural follow-on is to also create micro-videos, which are much shorter bite-sized videos that are recently begun to surge in popularity, possibly feeding our ever-dwindling concentration spans.

Twitter-owned Vine is video-sharing app that permits the sharing of short videos up to a maximum length of just six seconds, and the videos are viewable directly in Twitter’s timeline, playing in a continuous loop.

Instagram soon came along to the micro-video party, and permits slightly longer videos of up to fifteen seconds long.

It’s worth examining both apps to see how you could adapt and effectively share the message in your original blog post into micro-video format.

For example, a future tweet could be a Vine video, capturing the attention of your followers, and linking through to the blog post on which it has been based.

Branch 15 – Podcast

You can reach audiences around the world with your podcast

Reach a global audience with your podcast

According to the USA Today, podcasts are back, and they are booming, partly thanks to the rise of smartphones which make podcasts so much more accessible. Many top podcasts see millions of downloads, and even small-scale operators achieve thousands of listeners.

By creating a presentation, video and even a webinar from your original blog post, you’ll already have more than enough material to quickly create your podcast.

To make it easier, you can start by having say a monthly podcast, and as you get more comfortable increase this to a weekly or even bi-weekly format,

Branch 16 – Forums

So you’ve already created your free reprint article for submission to high-traffic free reprint article directories (Branch 8) …

The same content can be simply shared on relevant forums as helpful information for fellow forum users … and link to your own site for example via the signature file at the end of your forum posts.

To increase receptivity to such posts, it’s usually helpful to contribute to such forums in other ways too and gradually build up your participation in these communities. This can have numerous other benefits too of course including further boosting your authority, credibility and visibility.


So there you have it – five more ways in which you can further grow your Content Tree™ and leverage one initial piece of content to massive effect. Can you imagine the level of visibility your business would gain by putting all of these into effect?

Can you think of more branches you could add? Let me know below …