Working With Writers Within vWriter

vWriter is built on a sophisticated content creation platform, and has some advanced facilities for working with our writers, should you choose to do so.

Writers create content for you as a result of either:

  • Content orders placed directly through the system on demand.
  • Content orders generated automatically for you through Publishing Channels.

For content orders generated automatically through Publishing Channels, you need to feel you can use the system with confidence and have full control. With this in mind, you can opt whether or not you want those orders to be placed automatically with writers.

With this setting off, the order will be saved in Draft form within your account. You can then review it and choose to place it (and/or edit it as required) whenever you wish.

The setting can of course be updated at any time, for example as you gain in confidence with using vWriter and want to further systemize and automated your activity.

Writers Marketplace

When you first choose to start working with our writers, you’ll do so via our Writers Marketplace. This means content orders are available for all our writers, one of whom will pick up the order and work on it for you.

Any writer who writes for you will be put into your Writer Pool. This opens up further functionality within vWriter, and makes it increasingly easy to work with your preferred writers in future as follows.


Choose Writers Marketplace to list your content order in our Writers Marketplace, where writers can freely select orders they wish to work on.

If you haven’t yet hired any writers through, this will be the only hiring option available to you.

For hiring writers, is designed to become increasingly effective for you the more you use it. It provides easy ways for you to repeatedly work with writers who have produced content successfully for you in the past and build up your own talent pool that’s right for you (see Writer Team and Individual Writer (Direct Content Order) options below).

For this reason, we recommend selecting the Writers Marketplace option the first few times you hire writers through the system. This allows you to build up your experience of working with different writers and choose those you want to work with again.

While we guarantee your satisfaction with the content delivered, your experience will of course be more mixed at the beginning as new and different writers are hired to create your content. Inevitably, you’ll discover writers you prefer over others – a writer who is perfect for one client, might not be what another client is looking for.

With this in mind, enables you to effectively trial different writers and build up your own pool of writing talent for the different purposes for which you need to hire writers:

  • Writers who you’d like to hire again can be added to one or more Writer Teams (see below)
  • Writers who you’d prefer not to write for you again can be prevented from doing so by blocking them via their profile page

You can also choose to work directly with an individual writer (see Individual Writer (Direct Content Order) below.

In this way, enables you to build up a strong group of writers who you can rely on. In turn, the writers you hire will become increasingly familiar with what you’re looking for, your likes and dislikes, and be able to deliver accordingly.

Writer Teams

Writers in your Writer Pool can be added to one or more Writer Teams that you create within your account. For example, you might set up different Writer Teams for different topic areas or for other purposes.

You can then select the Writer Team in question when creating or editing a Publishing Channel, or when placing a content order directly.

When you assign work to a Writer Team, it means the writers in that team will be given priority over other writers. The more you use the vWriter system, the more powerful this functionality becomes. Here’s how it works:

  • Writers in the Writer Team will be notified directly by email when a new content order is available for them to work on, increasing the likelihood that one of your preferred writers will start working on it for you.
  • The order will also be available to writers in the usual way through our Writers Marketplace. This means that if writers in your Writer Team are for whatever reason unavailable:
    • Your content isn’t unnecessarily delayed.
    • You have the opportunity to work with other writers, who you may want to add to your Writer Team for future purposes.

When you have added 3 or more writers to a particular Writer Team, you can opt to keep content orders exclusive to that team for a set time period of up to 12 hours. After that time, other writers in the Writers Marketplace will be able to see and opt to start working on the order for you.

The number of writers on your Writer Team determines the maximum number of hours for which you can keep content orders exclusive to that team. This is based on one hour per writer, up to a maximum of 12 hours. As an example, if you have 7 writers on a Writer Team, you would be able to keep content orders exclusive to writers on that team for up to 7 hours.


You can add writers to one or more Writer Teams, which allows you to then easily hire a writer from a group of your own preferred writers in future.

By selecting the Writer Team option, all the writers within that Team are sent an email to alert them to your content order.

We cannot however guarantee that a writer on a particular Writer Team will be hired, as the content order will also be available in our Writers Marketplace. It does however increase the chance that one of your preferred writers will take the content order, while still providing the potential to hire new writers who could be added to one of your teams in future.

Once a Writer Team consists of three or more writers, you can keep content orders assigned to the team exclusive to that team for up to 12 hours before other writers in our Writers Marketplace can see them. This gives you more assurance that one of your preferred writers will be hired to create the content for you.

To take advantage of this, edit the team in question via the Writer Team Manager page. You can specify an initial period of up to 3 hours, with an additional hour’s exclusivity available for each new writer on your team (up to a maximum of 12 hours). That means:

  • With 3 writers on your team, you can specify an exclusivity period of up to 3 hours
  • With 5 writers on your team, you can specify an exclusivity period of up to 5 hours
  • With 12 writers on your team, you can specify an exclusivity period of up to 12 hours (this is the maximum)
  • With 20 writers on your team, you can again specify an exclusivity period of up to 12 hours (the maximum has already been reached

While building your Writer Team, it’s recommended to keep any exclusivity period low in order to increase the chances that you’ll have the opportunity to hire other writers you’ve not worked with before. Once you’re happy with the size of your team, you can then increase the exclusivity period accordingly.

To guarantee the chance of hiring a specific writer (so that no other writer will be able to take the content order), please choose the Individual Writer (Direct Content Order) option (see below).

Direct Orders for Individual Writers

If you want more assurance a specific writer will create the content for you, you can choose to work with them directly via a Direct Content Order. Again, this applies to both Publishing Channels, and ordering individual pieces of content directly.

You would simply choose a writer from your Writer Pool who you have worked with previously.

Note that:

  • The writer’s individual word rate will apply. Their rate is shown on their Writer Profile page (accessible via your account) and is made clear when selecting the writer for a Direct Content Order.
  • It is subject to the writer’s availability.


By assigning a content order to an individual writer (known as a Direct Content Order), you guarantee that no other writer will be able to see or take the order, and it gives you the opportunity to hire a specific writer of your choosing to create content for you based on their published rates (available by clicking through to their Profile page).

While it’s not normally an issue, Direct Content Orders are of course subject to the availability of the writer in question. Most writers do however prefer working on Direct Content Orders, as they have the opportunity to work on their own rates.

Communicating with Writers

When creating or editing a Publishing Channel or a new content order and you are choosing to hire a writer through the vWriter system, you should let writers know exactly what you are looking for.

To avoid delays, it helps to ensure your requirements are as clear as possible.

Sometimes a writer might need to get in touch to clarify instructions, or you might need to contact them. Messaging facilities are provided to enable easy communication back and forth, and you are notified by email if a new message is waiting for you from a writer.

Accepting and Approving Content

As always, you remain in full control.

You can review any content created for you, and can request revisions on that content as required.

You can also choose to decline content completely if it’s not what you are looking for. However, to be fair to the writer who has invested time and effort in creating the content for you:

  • You can only do this once a writer has had a chance to revise the content they have created.
  • It is subject to our review – for example, it would be unfair to the writer if content were declined because your requirements had changed from the original instructions they were given.

Just as you can add writers to Writer Teams for content you are happy with, if you don’t want a particular writer to create content for you again, you can simply block them. A blocked writer won’t be able to see or work on any of your content orders.

Content you are happy with can simply be approved. Again, to be fair to the writer, content is automatically approved after 72 hours if it has not been manually approved beforehand, unless a revision has been requested.

For Publishing Channels you can also choose for content to be automatically accepted or approved.

For example, you may be fully confident in the writer who is creating content for you, and not wish to review the content each time before approval.

Once approved:

  • For Publishing Channels, the content is published or otherwise made available depending on the settings of the channel (for example, social posts will be scheduled for publication as required).
  • For content orders placed directly, the content will be available for you to download.

Managing Funds

In paying for content created by our writers, you can add funds to your account at any time. These funds are held in your Open Balance, and this balance is then used for content orders, whether for orders placed through Publishing Channels or placed directly.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your content orders will have a maximum word count, depending on the requirements you have set.
  • When your order is placed, an amount is reserved (the Reserve Amount) from your Open Balance. This amount is based on the the maximum word count you have specified, and is the maximum amount payable.
  • When the content has been created and accepted, the Final Amount is calculated based on the word count actually delivered (which is never more than your specified maximum word count).
  • Any difference between the Reserve and Final Amounts is refunded back to your Open Balance.

In other words, you only pay for the word count actually delivered.

For active Publishing Channels for which you are hiring writers on a regular basis, you obviously wouldn’t want your funds to run out. That would mean such Publishing Channels stop working, and you’ll be missing opportunities to continue building your online visibility and to connect with your marketplace.

This is perhaps even more important if you are an agency using vWriter to build visibility for a number of different clients.

To ensure relevant Publishing Channels continue operating, you have two options. When your Open Balance dips below a specified amount, you can choose to:

  • Receive an email notification so you can log in and add funds manually.
  • Choose to keep the funds in your account topped up automatically to keep your account running as normal with no effort required.

If using the latter option, you simply enter the regular amount you want to top up your account with. We will then automatically charge the card you have on file with that amount when your Open Balance goes beneath the specified level, and send you a notification.

All amounts charged can be reviewed at any time via your Billing History page within vWriter.

This all helps ensure that managing the funds in your vWriter account is as easy as possible, streamlined and fully transparent.