How to Add a Project to vWriter

Projects allow you to group related content, Publishing Channels, social profiles, Content Sources and so on together in order to manage your account as efficiently as possible.

For example, you may have different Projects relating to different websites or clients.

You can also restrict the access of Team Members to certain Projects only so they can only access specific areas of your account.

We recommend you add at least one Project to your account, even if you currently have no need for multiple Projects:

  • It makes it easier later on if your needs change.
  • The use of Social Streams requires at least one Project.

To add a project:

  1. Select Manage > Projects > Add Project from the menu above, or click here.
    Click Manage > Projects > Add Project to add a new project to your account
  2. Enter in a name and optional description for your Project.
    When adding a new project, enter a suitable name and optional description
  3. Click Submit.

In future you can:

  1. View the current Project and get access to Project-level controls by going to Manage > Projects > View Current Project from the top menu.
  2. Switch the current Project via the Project dropdown on the top menu.
  3. View all your Projects via the Project Manager. To access the Project Manager, go to Manage > Projects > Project Manager.