How to Connect One or More Social Profiles to vWriter

Use vWriter to publish and schedule updates to your social profiles in multiple ways:

  • Add and schedule posts manually.
  • Use Social Publishing Channels to publish social posts following the publication of other online content (e.g. a new blog post, new video, etc.). Such posts can be created:

In brief, vWriter allows you to systemize, automate, delegate and manage content for your social profiles in a comprehensive, easy and highly effective manner.

Connecting a Social Profile

Connecting a social profile to your account only takes a few seconds.

Here’s what to do:

Click the ‘+’ button next to Profiles on the sidebar.

Use the drop-down to select the social network for the profile you want to add. Follow the instructions provided.

For each profile you add, you can also do the following.

Set Project Visibility

You can set each profile so it’s visible for certain Projects only.

For example, you may have Team Members who you want to restrict to specific Projects, and not allow them to see social profiles in other Projects.

To do this:

  • Click Profiles on the sidebar to access the Social Profile Manager.

  • Click the social profile in question to edit the settings.

  • Select the Projects you want the profile to be visible for, and click Update.

Note: If no Projects are selected, the profile will be visible across all Projects.

Set Publishing Time Windows

vWriter’s Publishing Time Windows mean your social posts will be automatically scheduled for publication on days and times when your audience is most active and engaged.

You can still however schedule posts for specific times too if you wish.

The system automatically shuffles your posts to ensure they are spaced out as much as possible within your Publishing Time Windows. We do not however adjust the scheduled publication time of posts where you have manually set a specific time.

To set the Publishing Time Windows for a social profile:

  • Access the Social Profile Manager as described above, and click the profile in question.
  • Scroll down to the Publishing Time Windows section.
  • Click the icon to add a new Publishing Time Window.

  • Set the time window via the popup window that appears, and click Add. The new Publishing Time Window is immediately added and saved.

  • You can quickly copy the same times to other days of the week by choosing one of the other options from the popup window.

  • Once you have added Publishing Time Windows for one profile, you can also copy it across when you edit other social profiles.

Managing Social Profiles

Access the Social Profile Manager via Profiles on the sidebar menu:

Access the Social Profile Manager via Profiles on the sidebar

It’s also available via the top menu:

Go to Content > Social Profiles > Social Profile Manager from the menu

The page displays the social profiles for the currently selected Project in the top menubar.

To display all social profiles, tick the Show for all projects checkbox:

Tick the Show for all projects checkbox to show all social profiles

Add a new social profile via the ‘+’ button provided:

Add a social profile via the plus button

The social profiles are listed on the page, providing various management functions:

  • Edit the settings of the profile. You can do this by clicking on the profile’s avatar, its username or the cog wheel button as shown:

Edit the settings of the social profile

View the profile on the social network

  • Create a new post for scheduling and distribution through vWriter.

Click the pencil button to create a new post for the social profile

  • Pause (or resume) a social profile. If paused, no content is published to the profile through vWriter. NOTE: Pausing a profile will not pause the relevant Publishing Channel (though that can be done separately). Instead, the Publishing Channel will continue as normal but simply bypass the paused profile.

Pause (or resume) publication to the profile

Add a Publishing Channel for the profile

  • View content for the profile, either created directly or through a relevant Publishing Channel.

View content for the profile

  • View Publishing Channels for the profile. This shows the Publishing Channel Managerrestricted to Publishing Channels that have the profile set as one of the Publishing Outlets.

View Publishing Channels for the profile

Paused social profiles are shown in bold, with a black border around the avatar. The Status also changes from Active to Paused.

This social profile is paused

In addition, paused profiles are reflected in the sidebar with a similar black border.

A black border is shown around paused profiles in the sidebar

Reconnecting Social Profiles

Occasionally, due to different policies of the social networks regarding posting permissions, a social profile you have previously connected to vWriter may need reauthorization.

If so, you will receive an email notification from vWriter to let you know we have been unable to post content to it, and ask you to reconnect the profile. We will try periodically to repost the content, so it’s best to reconnect the profile as soon as you can. You can also otherwise reschedule it via the Content Manager as required.

A message to let you know a profile requires reauthorization will be displayed in the Social Profile Manager, with the relevant profile indicated.

Expired social profiles will be highlighted accordingly

To reconnect or reauthorize a profile, simply add it again in the way shown above. This won’t override any of your settings or replace the existing profile in your account. It will simply reconnect it and ensure you can post to it again through your account.