Working With Team MembersWithin vWriter’s Content Marketing Software

To allow for the effective orchestration and implementation of your business’s content marketing activities, you can add Team Members to your vWriter account at any time.

For example, you can add employees or outsourced workers to your account, from where they are able to:

  • Create content via content-creation Tasks assigned to them via Publishing Channels.
  • Take care of Tasks delegated to them via Actions, and directly.
  • Manage different aspects of your account for you.

This is an essential part of vWriter’s ability to help systemize your business’s social media and content marketing strategy, ensuring you get more done more easily and in less time to build your online visibility and attract your market.

Regular Tasks can be assigned to Team Members on an ongoing, automated basis through Publishing Channels and ActionsThey can also be added to your own workflow.

Team Members can also help manage other aspects of your vWriter account.

You can specify the permissions for each Team Member so they only have access to the parts of your account that you need them to work with.Determine exactly what Team Members have access to in your account.

You can also restrict the visibility of Team Members to certain Projects only.

The permissions and visibility of Team Members can be adjusted at any time, including suspending access completely. You also have full control over their login details.

Immediately suspend a Team Member‘s access at any time. You have full control.

Team Members see only the Tasks assigned to them via the Task ManagerTasks also have an individual messaging facility to permit easy communication and collaboration on a particular activity.

Adding a New Team Member

To add a new Team Member:

  • Go to Manage > Team Members > Add Team Member on the menu.
  • Alternatively, access the Team Member Manager (Manage > Team Members > Team Member Manager) and click the ‘+’ button.