Imagine you want to regularly publish the following type of information through social media:

  • Popular Quotations. Quotations get a ton of engagement on social media – sending regular quotations out can certainly help capture, entertain and engage your community.
  • Tips related to your niche. Sell fishing equipment? How about regular fishing tips? Or real estate? What about tips on getting maximum value for your property or selling quickly and efficiently? And how about linking each tip back to a relevant blog post, or video, or SlideShare presentation? Think about how this approach can help increase your traffic over time …

Send out regular tips through social media on auto-pilot

  • Offers or promotions. Perhaps you have different discount codes you can send out each month, exclusive to your social media following. Or promote different products on a regular cycle.
  • Images. Images are practically guaranteed to increase engagement on social media and tend to attract some of the highest levels of Shares, Likes and Retweets. Combine with a popular quotation and you can see your engagement levels soar.

Other ideas might include the following …

  • Introducing members of your team …
  • Customer case studies …
  • Linking to historic blog posts – again, building up your traffic and getting the most value out of all your existing content …
  • And so on.

I’m all about efficiency and making the most of that finite resource we’re all limited by – time. It’s far more efficient to set up this type of information in bulk once, rather than set up each individually at different times.

For example, compare these two different approaches to sending out regular quotations over social media, as part of your social media posting strategy. We’ll presume you’ve already compiled a year’s worth of quotations you can use.

The Normal Way

Log into your social media account(s) every day, and post a new quotation from the list.

Apart from the few minutes it would take to do this every day, there are going to be days where you don’t manage to do it or other tasks seem more urgent.

More than likely, the task itself will rapidly slip off the radar and you’ll stop doing it completely. As a result you miss the opportunity of having a more active social media presence and getting your business in front of your fans and followers more often.

But let’s say you do manage to do this for a whole year, and it takes on average five minutes a day:

365 x 5 minutes = 1,825 minutes / 60 = 30.42 hours … or based on an average 8 hour working day, not far off 4 working days a year.

Given everything else you have to do in your business, there must be an easier way, right?


The Time-Efficient Way

Create a spreadsheet with a year’s worth of quotations – or hire someone for a few dollars to do it for you.

Upload your spreadsheet into, and have the system auto-schedule your quotations for the next year for potentially multiple social accounts, to be published at a frequency of your choosing.

Presuming you’ve set optimal publishing time windows for each social account, you also ensure your posts/tweets are published at a time when your audience are most likely to see them.

Let’s do a similar time calculation:

Under 5 minutes to:

  • Upload your spreadsheet/CSV file
  • Set how frequently you want it to publish, eg. one quotation a day
  • Connect it to publish to one or more social media account(s)

Errmmm … that’s it. Quite a difference to our 1,825 minutes above. And you don’t have to think about it again … it will just publish for you, automatically.

It’s easy to see which approach makes more sense to the average time-strapped business owner. That’s 1,820 minutes every year to spend doing other stuff.

But it’s not just the time efficiency. Because the system takes care of it for you, you also avoid the risk of the task dropping off the radar and simply not being done, and losing all that visibility for your business as a result.

Make it even more engaging for your audience, and use images for your quotations instead (just list the image links on the spreadsheet you upload to instead):


Combine a popular quotation with a powerful image for maximum engagement


Of course, it’s not just quotations, that’s just one example. Repeat the process for the other possibilities mentioned above: tips for your niche, periodic promotions, historic blog post links, and so on.

With this type of regular social post taken care of, not only are your social media accounts beginning to look more active and engaging for minimal effort and time commitment, but you have more time to create other content to post and to communicate and engage with your audience directly.

(And, of course, why only cycle through the information once? When the system gets to the end of the data you’ve uploaded, refresh it as necessary, and recur it by simply starting it to run again.)

Any questions or comments? Let me know below …